Decide Now!Spinners are great for teaching.  This is literally just a wheel that a student can “spin” on an iPad or iPhone.  Wheel stops, decision made. I use the spinner in violin lessons for
deciding how many songs to play, which song to play for warm up, scale review, etc.  There are lots of options, but these are my top favorites….Decide Now!

$.99 for the full version (iPad & iPhone)

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STAFF WARS: iOs Music Games and Educational Apps

Staff Wars

$0.99 (iPad & iPhone)

Staff Wars by TMI Media, LLC is a lot of fun for anyone practicing note-name identification.  Acquiring speed is key in this game, but the multiple settings make it accessible for everyone, even young students (4+).  I Staff Wars-titlesupplement Staff Wars with other games and strategies to reinforce speedy note name identification.  My students download it for use at home and even though they don’t use it every day, I find that any amount of use will help a student increase speed with note-name identification on the staff. Continue reading

TENUTO: iOS Music Games and Educational Apps


$3.99 (iPad & iPhone)tenuto logo

Tenuto by musictheory.net is 100% awesome.  I use it with students of all ages on a regular basis and it is quickly becoming my #1 resource for teaching key signatures to my violin students.  There are loads of features but I use it mostly for note, key signature, and interval identification.  I set the exercise parameters for each individual student and teach them to use the app on their own device in our lessons.  Once they know how to navigate easily through the app, I can send them home with specific assignments. Continue reading

MY NOTE GAMES: iOS Music Games & Educational Apps


My Note Games

FREE* (iPad & iPhone)IMG_3892


My Note Games by Appatta Ltd. is fun for a lot of different ages and levels.  I am a Suzuki teacher (registered Books 1-10 & Masters degree in Suzuki Pedagogy) and I recommend this for students along the level of Suzuki Book 4 and below.  As far as age goes, some of these games can be timeless.  My adult students are young at heart and usually enjoy
anything I throw at them.  This game is clearly geared towards children, so when my teenage students give me a hard time about playing it, I tell them to show me how easy it is and we usually end up having a lot of fun with it. Continue reading

iOS Apps for Music Students and Professionals

Must Have iPhone/iPad Apps for Musicians

We all love finding tools that make our practicing easier.  If you are a musician and you own an iPhone or an iPad, get ready to increase your productivity exponentially!  The apps below are becoming the new standards for performers and teachers all over the world. I get asked about these apps EVERY. DAY. so here is a roundup of what I use, how I use it, and helpful information to get you started.

Happy practicing!

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